Our prints are UV-resistant for long-life. Click "About Our Prints" for more info.

About Our Prints


Most posters are digitally restored using the GIMP software package. At minimum rips & tears are "repaired", dust &/or debris from the scanning or photographic process are removed, & other defects due to age or handling are digitally removed or repaired. Many of our posters though have far more work put into them: New margins & backgrounds are added, text is "lifted" & then sharpened & re-colored. Borders are added, objects are refined & sometimes even new elements are replaced or added.


We offer our prints in both matte & gloss finish. 46lb "heavyweight" bond paper is used for an economical matte finish option & a high-gloss poster stock made by Que Media is used for our glossy prints. The glossy stock gives a superior finish, but it does cost more. We use both an 8-mill thick & 10-mill thick versions this glossy stock. Small prints (11"x14", 11"x17" & A3) are printed on the 8-mill, while medium & large sizes (18"x24", 24"x36", A1 & A2) are printed on the 10-mill. Upon special request we can also offer a matte-finish version of this media.

Sizes, Sizes Available

Stated sizes are the size of the finished print as delivered to you. With respect to US sizes, stated size is in INCHES, & with metric sizes; (A1, A2 & A3) in MILLIMETERS (841x594, 594x420 & 420x297, respectively.) Metric sizes are available even where thumbnails are not yet shown (a work in progress).

Some print are not offered in some sizes. Normally this is because the artwork's aspect ratio (horzontal & vertical sizes) simply does not work well in a given size, or because the original artwork or source image is unsuitable for extended enlargement.

HOWEVER, it could also be an error! Please dont hesistate to email and inquire!


Margins are as shown in the images & usually vary between the available sizes for any print. This is so that the "aspect ratio" of the original artwork can be preserved. For each print, the images clearly show the size (via watermark), & the margin variation(s) between them.

Margins are rarely "white", but again are colored as shown.

Printing Process

Our prints are printed on the well-known & venerable HP DesignJet 5000-series printers. There are large commercial printers (plotters) used all over the world. They are a 6-color system used for printing everything from fine art reproductions to point of sale materials used by retail merchants in every field. Archival-quality, UV-resistant inks are used on every print for super long life & fade-resistance.
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